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Full Moon Bowls - Black

7-metal unpolished full moon chakra matched setMoon sets are made under the full moon, are black in colour and have a slightly darker, auspicious sound quality. These are truly rare, and one-of-a-kind bowls.

Each set includes:1 x large gong mallet1 x small gong mallet2 x suede stick mallets


Traditional hand-made singing bowls hailing from the Himalayan mountain region in Nepal. These bowls are made by a Nepalese family near the Tibetan border who have been hand-crafting these bowls for many generations.


7-bowl harmonically matched chakra set

Includes 7 bowls, each of the bowls has a different note ranging from C to B, each corresponding to a different chakra, based on the Buddhist 7-chakra technique. 


The set of 7-bowls are harmonically matched to ensure each bowl sounds pleasing both individually, as well as collectively as a set. Bowls are guaranteed of the highest quality materials and craftsmanship, each with incredible sustain, vibration, and Helmholtz resonance. 


Each set is unique in that the size of the bowls varies for each set. These bowls are matched for optimum and superior sound quality, sustain and harmony which is of ultimate importance when creating a harmonious set. Bowl sizes in each set will range from 5” for the smallest bowl to 14” for the largest bowl. The largest bowl is generally the G, which is for the Manipura or Solar Plexus Chakra. Each set weighs approximately 15kgs, the bowls stack into one another and are thus easily portable in a regular sized backpack. 


International shipping costs will differ based on the weight of the bowls.

Full Moon Handmade Himalayan Singing Bowls

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