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37 year old Breast Cancer patient, Sloan Kettering NYC

“Wow! It's impossible to sum up in words how I was strengthened by Nicole's therapeutic sound and reiki sessions while I was undergoing treatment for Breast Cancer. Her touch was grounding and the sound she offered allowed my body to feel at ease despite the obvious stressors. In fact, I experienced a pleasurable feeling that was unlike any other when she used her tuning forks on specific points on my body. I found a clear difference in my energy level from the sessions. The sessions were a little over an hour but the time seemed to stop. I would recommend her to anyone who is seeking a grounded and relaxing experience".


Stage 3 Cancer Patient

Nicole, I just wanted to say thank you again for your kindness in sharing sound and reiki with me. It was a wonderful gift. I slept for 12 hours afterwards, a very much needed sleep, since suffering severe insomnia.

Raquel Murray

Founder & President, Faith in Children

Since 2016, Nicole Sultana is the Sound Therapist and Meditation volunteer at the nonprofit organization Faith in Children’s Mindfulness Education Program in New York.


She serves children from three years old to teenagers up to 19 years. Her class is one of the most important parts of our Mindfulness Program, as it helps children and teens to experience the present moment in a profound way. Nicole is able to guide them into a state of meditation, by having them listen and experience the vibration of relaxing therapuetic sounds of the instruments she plays, while she also burns the relaxing scent of Palo Santo.


The children and parents love her work. To have her on our Mindfulness Education Program is a privilege and all of us at Faith in Children are honored and grateful to be able to work with her and see the amazing transformation in the lives of children and teens after taking her classes.

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Hospice RN Manager, NY

Nicole had been providing Reiki and Therapeutic Sound to one of my hospice patients for a few months. One day after our weekly Doctor and RNCM meeting Nicole had set up to explain and demonstrate Reiki and Therapeutic Sound to a group of colleagues, Managers, RNs and MDs. I had no idea what was about to happen.


When the experience started I had so much negative energy from the meeting and work piled up, people dying daily and I was stressed and was thinking, “Now is not a good time for me”.


As the experience and treatment went on I couldn’t believe the power and energy I felt. I had never been exposed to anything quite like this before. For one person to deliver such an experience to a group of about ten of my peers is not an easy chore. She had complete control right from the start.


The tantalizing sounds and movement around us actually put me to sleep upright in the chair just moments after we had all been engaged in a high powered meeting.


I was hypnotized I think, but I was still aware of what was happening, kind of like down a long tunnel. By the time this session was done my peers and myself were totally blown away. The experience must be even more moving and therapeutic in a smaller group.


After our session I found myself googling the origin of Reiki and Sound never realizing the amazing experience and gift Nicole Sultana was giving our patients, and now all of us.I truly believe that Reiki and Sound Therapy from a true Master such as Nicole is not only helpful to serve Hospice patients but to serve Hospice and Hospital staff as well.


I have never achieved this level of relaxation ever, ever!


Nicole, thank you for such an amazing experience, your true dedication and hard work touches people’s lives in a way no one else could possibly ever, not even a NURSE. Please continue to help with hospice as your amazing skill and art of Reiki and Sound must be utilized in medicine.

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