A truth seeker, inquisitive thinker and a free-spirit, Nicole has traversed the world accumulating a wealth of experiential and spiritual wisdom. 


She is a certified Sound Therapist, Reiki Master, and Pastoral Carer (End-of-Life + Hospital). She serves through compassionate presence, empowering people to engage with their innate desire for self-enquiry and self-reflection, inspiring re-connection to the inner-self (consciousness, God, Creator, Source, Universe). She utilises a variety of methods to guide this process that includes: sound, meditation, prayer, Reiki, ritual, therapeutic metaphor, and contemplative practices. 


A deep listener, Nicole has a particular interest in serving those who are seeking greater meaning in life and who are enquiring as to the nature of their existence, life purpose, and the human condition. This may include those at end-of-life, caregivers, the bereaved, the ageing, the sick, those with addiction, mental illness, or those beginning to awaken, and ask deeper questions.


She has worked with a diverse cross section of clients: 

  • Private – one-on-one, couples, families

  • Groups and events

  • In the workplace

  • Nursing homes, hospital and hospice

  • End of life patients

  • Grieving families

  • Caregivers, medical staff

  • Cancer patients, and

  • Children.

Nicole has also spent time in India, Melbourne, New York City, and Mexico at hospices, morgues and crematoriums observing the funerary rituals and cremation practices of different cultures, in an attempt to face her own mortality and fear of death.

She has a deep appreciation of the importance of sound, energetic, and vibrational healing, and ritual in community to awaken awareness to the greater consciousness and to the interconnectivity of all beings. Through her work she hopes to help guide and re-awaken individuals to their own insights to these aspects of existence.

Nicole is an initiate Sufi. She is welcoming of all faiths, and no faiths, and believes the most important thing to healing is an open heart, a curious mind and a willingness to listen, question, learn, love and show compassion towards one another.


- Post Graduate Diploma in Spiritual Care, University of Divinity, Melbourne, 2020

- Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) Level One (2019), Specialist Unit – Cardiology (2020), Adv. Level (2021)

- Certified Hypnotherapist, Melbourne, 2019

- Integrative Sound & Music Certification, NY Open Center, NYC, 2016

- International End of Life Doula Association Certification, NYC, 2016

- Mexican Traditional Curandera Training, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, 2016

- Reiki Master, Melbourne, 2013/14