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A truth seeker, inquisitive thinker and curious spirit, Nicole has traversed cultures accumulating experiential and theoretical insights about meaning, purpose, spirituality and healing.  


She is a certified Clinical Therapeutic Sound Practitioner, Spiritual Care Practitioner/Guide, Reiki Master,  End-of-Life Doula and trained in Mexican Folk Healing. She serves through compassionate presence, empowering people to engage with their innate drive towards self-actualisation, inspiring re-connection to the true self (inner child). A variety of methods are used to guide this process: therapeutic sound, reiki, rituals, therapeutic conversation, metaphor and contemplative practices. 


A deep and empathic listener, Nicole is known for her ability to journey with her clients into the dark places and hold a safe space for healing to occur. She has a particular interest in serving those enquiring as to life's purpose, seeking deeper meaning and who are ready and committed towards change.


Nicole has worked with a diverse cross section of clients including people experiencing: 

  • Dissatisfaction towards life

  • Addiction

  • Traumatic pasts

  • Emotional dysregulation

  • Depression and anxiety

  • Fear of death/End of life diagnoses

  • Grief and carer fatigue

  • Illness and hospitalisation

  • Spiritual lack and disconnection.

Ever wondered what the science is behind a soundbath? Nicole gave an interview on ABC Radio National Australia about that exact topic, listen to it now: The science behind soundbaths (2023)


Curious to learn about Nicole's own spiritual, healing and life journey? Watch an interview with Nicole as she speaks on the topic of What does it mean to be spiritual? (2020).  

Nicole has established herself as a leader in her work through time spent living, working and studying in India, Melbourne, New York City, Mexico, Italy and in solitude. She understands that in order for holistic healing to occur all facets of existence: physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual need to be honoured. This includes awareness of the interconnectivity of all beings and that relationships act as the laboratories for self-growth.


Of additional importance is the journey towards facing our mortality, a practice Nicole has done through spending extended time at hospices, morgues. crematoriums and observing the funerary rituals and cremation practices of different cultures. Through her work Nicole hopes to help guide and empower individuals towards finding their own powerful insights for self healing and towards leading more inspired, fulfilling, meaningful lives.

Guest Speaker Appointments

  • "What is my spirituality?" Spiritual Care Week, Royal Melbourne Hospital, 2022

  • "Therapeutic sound for workplace wellbeing" Royal Melbourne Hospital Staff Wellbeing series, 2022

  • "Using therapeutic sound to reclaim connection to Self" Spiritual Care Australia Conference, 2022. 

  • "Meeting diverse cultural and religious needs through ritual" Spiritual Care Australia, Professional Development Series, 2022

  • "Sound for inner peace, relaxation and rejuvenation" EHNC Wellbeing Series, Endeavour Hills Neighbourhood Centre, 2022

  • "What does it mean being spiritual?" Eye to Eye Podcast, with Daphnee Esborrat, 2020

  • "Therapeutic benefits of sound" Red Tent Northcote, Women's gathering, 2019

  • "Deep listening and presence for increased patient outcome measures" Baba Farid College of Nursing, Kotkapura, India, 2018

  • "Sound & reiki for symptom management in Cardiac patients" Bronx Lebanon Hospital, Cardiac Awareness Week, NYC, 2018

Papers Written (seeking publication)

  • "The Nebulous Boundaries of Spiritual Care", 2022

  • "A Journey into the Heart: Spiritual care needs of Cardiac patients", 2020 

Professional Qualifications

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Spiritual Care, University of Divinity, Melbourne, 2020

  • Bachelor Applied Sports & Exercise Science, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, 1995

  • Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) Melbourne, Level One (2019), Specialist Unit – Cardiology (2020), Adv. Level (2021)

  • Root Cause Therapist, (clinical hours under completion), 2022

  • Certified Hypnotherapist, Melbourne, 2019

  • Himalayan Singing Bowls, Master Class Training, Kathmandu, Nepal, 2018

  • Integrative Sound & Music Certification, 200hrs, New York Open Center, New York City, 2016

  • International End of Life Doula Association Certification, New York City, 2016

  • Mexican Traditional Curandera Training, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, 2016

  • Reiki Master, Melbourne, 2013/14

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