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The science behind sound baths

Updated: May 31

Music can evoke many emotions. It can bring a party to life, and it can soothe a broken heart. But can sound heal?

Some people believe that sound baths can help reduce stress and even ease physical pain.

But what exactly is a sound bath? And is there any science behind the practice?

ABC National radio invited Sound Consciousness to speak on air for program Life Matters about the scientific evidence behind the success of sound baths. How can sound provide therapeutic benefits and why sound baths are becoming more popular in mainstream therapeutic healing modalities to ease stress, anxiety, sleep and more.

Listen to the full interview here:

Guest speakers: 

Nicole Sultana, Clinical Therapeutic Sound Practitioner

Dr Emma O’Brien OAM, Music Therapist and head of the Music therapy program at the Royal Melbourne Hospital

Are you intrigued to experience for yourself the benefits of a sound bath, email us for more information or book a private or group session

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