An Energy Cleansing is used to cleanse the body, mind and soul of negativity.


There are many types of Energy Cleansing, we follow the Mexican Folk Healing tradition of Curanderismo.


A Curandera views life as a whole; mind-body-spirit. The three connected is what creates life and you cannot heal one without concern for the other. All physical, mental, and spiritual illnesses are an imbalance of the mind-body-spirit.

In this tradition the practitioner approaches healing by means of ritual, prayer, herbs, flowers, eggs, candles, incense, drums, rattles, temazcal (traditional sweat lodges) and more.

Reki Master Session

A cleansing can include some or all of the above, it depends on the practitioner and on the individual's personal situation.

Benefits of an Energy Cleansing include removal of:

  • Heavy or dark energy

  • Negativity

  • Sadness and grief

  • Bad luck, and

  • Energetic imbalances


A healing can also help with:

  • Gaining clarity

  • Stimulating the flow of energy, and

  • Relief from addictions, anxiety and fears.