An Energy Cleansing is used to cleanse the body, mind and soul of negativity.


There are many types of Energy Cleansing, we follow the Mexican Folk Healing tradition of Curanderismo.


A Curandera views life as a whole; mind-body-spirit. The three connected is what creates life and you cannot heal one without concern for the other. All physical, mental, and spiritual illnesses are an imbalance of the mind-body-spirit.

In this tradition the practitioner approaches healing by means of ritual, prayer, herbs, flowers, eggs, candles, incense, drums, rattles, temazcal (traditional sweat lodges) and more.

Reki Master Session

A cleansing can include some or all of the above, it depends on the practitioner and on the individual's personal situation.

Benefits of an Energy Cleansing include removal of:

  • Heavy or dark energy

  • Negativity

  • Sadness and grief

  • Bad luck, and

  • Energetic imbalances


A healing can also help with:

  • Gaining clarity

  • Stimulating the flow of energy, and

  • Relief from addictions, anxiety and fears.

Rose Healing

A soft, gentle healing using roses to promote healing and shift energy using sweeping motions in the energy field, as well as lightly on the body to soothe and caress the body, mind and psyche.