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The medicinal uses of plants and flowers have been recorded from many cultures, and since ancient times.  


Roses over time have been attributed with varied symbolic meanings. Their colours and scent give rise to different healing properties. Roses are considered living breathing gifts from Mother Earth.

In the Sufi Mystical tradition a rose was symbolic of one's life journey. Its beauty represented the perfection one should seek to achieve in life. The thorns are the challenges one faces. The fact that roses flower again signified that if one persists, they will succeed. 


Following in the tradition of Mexican Curandera I use these soft, gentle flowers to promote a shift in energy and encourage an opening of the heart.

Using sweeping motions in your energy field, as well as lightly on your body, the long stemmed roses are used to balance your energetic field.

You will leave with a soft floating feeling and with greater connection within
your heart. 

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