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Available in two sizes: 

Regular: 40cm x 30.5 cm x 3cm, weight: 3.8kgs $380AUD

Compact: 33cm x 24xm x 3cm, weight: 2.5kgs $370AUD


Our Shruti Boxes are imported from SK Monoj Sarder out of India, and are the best of the best shrutis in existence, made of the finest quality and impeccable full body harmonics. The Monoj family are renowned classical Indian instrument makers who have been making instruments since 1975.


Each Shruti is made of the highest quality craftsmanship, with outstanding harmonics and sustain. The sound of a Shruti Box is similar to the Indian Harmonium. Traditional harmoniums are heavy and bulky to travel with, Shruti Boxes offer a more convenient and portable version. 


Shruti Boxes are used in Sound or Music Therapy to help re-ground and balance the body and mind. Used either by simply listening to its sound and allowing the harmonics to envelop you or used to sing along with to help release stress that is stuck in the body, and used therapeutically to unleash your true voice and develop the throat chakra. These instruments are very simple to learn how to play, and their impact incredible. 


Shruti Box

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