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Facing an end-of-life diagnosis can be confronting and frightening. In the West where discussion about death and dying is considered taboo, it can leave both the terminally ill and their loved ones feeling a sense of hopelessness, as though nothing can be done, this loss of control is what most people find particularly frightening. However, something can be done to reclaim a sense of control and meaning to end-of-life, to bring both the terminally ill person and their loved ones greater peace, even joy. 

End-of-life transition services:

Legacy Projects

Choose how you want to be remembered; we help you create a legacy project that is meaningful to you and can act as a keepsake for loved ones once you have died. Legacy projects include photobooks, videos, life story books, herb and flower gardens, writing letters to unborn grandchildren, art projects and much, much more.


Personal Healing Work (Pastoral/Spiritual Consultations)

Working with forgiveness, identifying regrets, lamentation, releasing and letting go of resentment and past hurts, meditations to confront fears of death and dying.

Therapeutic Sound, Reiki and Energy Cleansing

Each of these vibrational healing modalities can more effectively manage the patient’s symptoms on a physical, emotional and spiritual level as they move toward transition. Benefits of treatments are felt almost immediately.

Reki Master Session

Planning for a Good Death

What does a good death mean to you? Who do you want surrounding you as you leave your body? What do you want your room to look, smell, sound like? Do you want music and therapeutic sound, or a special passage read to you from a book? Do you want candles burning and particular memorable items surrounding you? Do you want the room to be quiet, or full of chatter and laughter? Together we create a plan for a death and transition that is meaningful to you.


End-of-life Celebrations

Traditionally these have been called funerals, but that seems like such a sombre word when it should be a celebration of your life. Plan your own end-of-life celebration that says something about who you are as a person and have the last say!

Vigil (Death Doula) Work

Supporting you and your family at your deathbed to aid in a peaceful transition.       

Benefits of end-of-life transition work include:

  • Cathartic effect

  • Release repressed emotions

  • Inspire a feeling of oneness with the Universe

  • Reduce anxiety and depression

  • Lower levels of perceived pain

  • Feeling of having control

  • Sense of completion

  • Boost in natural opiates, inducing a sense of euphoria.

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